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birds of the Mara … day one

Hello people?
We hope you had a fabulous weekend, and have begun your week well. This past weekend, the Green Ranger Safaris team, was once again privileged to take a group of workmates to the Masai Mara. Continue reading “birds of the Mara … day one”


the spectacular Amboseli

Dear fellow nature lovers,
This year, like all other years has seen the Green Ranger Safaris team travel to various parts of this beautiful country we call Kenya. Continue reading “the spectacular Amboseli”

a Lake Elementaita escapade…

Hello all? 🙂 It so happens that the Green Ranger Safaris team has been working its tail off and needed a brief rest. Continue reading “a Lake Elementaita escapade…”

let the games begin…

Hello nature and animal enthusiasts 🙂 Hoping you are all well! The World Cup is here once again Continue reading “let the games begin…”

Lumo Conservancy – An Easter spent well

First and foremost, The Green Ranger Safaris team would like to wish you all a Happy Earth Day… Continue reading “Lumo Conservancy – An Easter spent well”

wildlife lessons…

Wildlife is beautiful. It is a precious resource that more often than not, we take for granted. Continue reading “wildlife lessons…”

here’s to an awesome 2014

Happy new and prosperous year 2014 from the Green Ranger Safaris team. Continue reading “here’s to an awesome 2014”

photos that tell a story

Life can be hard in the wild, but life is so unpredictable… sometimes we see lucky escapes, sometimes we see brave fights, sometimes we see the strangest friendships Continue reading “photos that tell a story”

awesome animal moms

Today’s post is just a highlight of some of the awesome animal moms out there, who struggle to raise their little ones despite all the odds. Continue reading “awesome animal moms”

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